Friday, 27 July 2012

Minecraft Game of Thrones: Castle Black and The Wall

Castle Black and The Wall
We love our Game of Thones (Song of Fire and Ice) Minecraft builds here at The Minecraft Castle, and this staggering build is no exception.

Our rating:

8 out of 10 creepers

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

The Greatest Minecraft Image of All Time

We can't, nor will we, take credit for this. Source

Saturday, 21 July 2012

What do creepers look like on the inside?

Well, like this:

Ceramic Anatomy of a Creeper
Ceramic Anatomy of a Creeper

The anatomy of a creeper, by Da_Boy's friend Scott, over on reddit

Cobblestone Minecraft Castle

Okay, we've all made one of these. There's nothing wrong with that! Let's see some pictures:
Huge Cobblestone Minecraft Castle

Interior view of Castle

Impressive ground view of Castle

Unique underground river
Why we like this Minecraft Castle:
  • Because we all have to build a cobblestone castle at least once
  • It's big. Big is good, get it?
  • This is what minecraft is all about
Minecraft castle rating:

6 Creepers out of 10

Amazing Chinese Minecraft Castle Pagoda

Now this is a really expansive and impressive Minecraft castle build, with an oriental theme. Credit goes to mysticviperx who posted it over on reddit.

External view of the Minecraft pagoda

Front view of the huge gardens and walkways

Side view of the gardens and fountain

Front view with impressive lanterns

The Minecraft Castle looks even more impressive at night

Thisis probably the most impressive Minecraft castle we've featured

Things we liked about this Minecraft Castle:
  • Magnificent scope
  • Brilliant attention to detail
  • Non-derivative art style
  • Oriental influence
  • Innovation in things like the fence polls
 Minecraft Castle rating:

10 creepers out of 10

A Minecraft Scarecrow

Brilliant Minecraft Scarecrow

Look at this bad boy - now I don't know about you, but I haven't seen one scarecrow in my village since I put this up.

Bonus picture of a minecraft temple for the cultists to worship - or maybe all the crows have gone here?!

Minecraft Temple