Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Westeroscraft is the ultimate Mincraft build [Game of Thrones]

This build is so god damned amazing that it was featured in TIME magazine. If you don't know Game of Thrones then perhaps some of the ornate artistry and painstaking intricacy may be lost on you, though we think you'd have to be Hodor not to appreciate this stonker.

Connect to Westeroscraft

Full scale render of westeroscraft
Stunning render of Westeros in Minecraft
The map is an incredible 1:1 scale

The Wall is just as imposing as you'd expect
The renders really do look beautiful

Stunning dock view

Check out the incredible video

Here's what the whole thing is based on:

The real King's Landing

Download westeroscraft

What we liked:
  • Game of Thrones, duh
  • 3000 unique buildings, with the insides too!
  • Scale scale scale! 
  • Hodor! Hodor? Hodor.
  • Simply stunning attention to detail
  • Beautiful custom texture pack

Our rating

10 out of 10 creepers