Sunday, 8 September 2013

Minecraft Birthday Cakes

Here's the deal, you're reading this post because:
  • You want to make a Minecraft-themed cake for your block-obsessed partner/sibling/care worker
  • You just like looking at awesome cakes
  • You just want to feel loved
Notch looks like the kind of guy who could eat a cake for breakfast and still be hungry. We're sure he'd approve of our amazing collection of Minecraftian sweet treats.

This Creeper Cake is kind of basic, but it shows what can be done without too much effort (I'm sure it tastes delicious!)

Jack's Birthday Cake
 Jack is a lucky boy. I think at age 8 I may well have had to sit down for a moment after receiving this.

Big Fat Creeper Cake
 I'm not sure what's scarier here: the huge-ass creeper or the huge-ass recipient who's about to devour it. This is what too much Minecraft does to you, kids.

Enormous Minecraft Cake
 This is simply brilliant, though I'll be honest I'm not sure what it is other than a huge cylinder of blocks.
TNT Block Cake
 Eat me before I explode!
Giant Minecraft Cake Inner
 Wow, I mean who actually styles the inside of the cake in Mincraft blocks too? Fantastic
Mincraft Wedding Cake
 When nerds collide, little blocks are made. Look, we love Minecraft cakes but I'm not sure I want one at my wedding day. Oh damnit I already had mine. Maybe if I keep playing I'll get another!
Minecraft Cake Fail
 Words fail us here. No they don't, this cake sucks and you should feel bad.